Wonder League 2016
Robotics Competition

The first missions we ever made
The competition is by the Wonder League. they made Dash and Dot robots. There were five missions in the first round. We won the first place at the state of Georgia. We were also the top 30 and we went to the second round. So these videos that you're seeing right now you can see are from the first round.

Mission 1: Animal Mimicry

We dressed Dash up as a parrot because parrots mimic other animals. The challenge was we had to move forward and then stop and make the sound of each animals the animals we chose was a horse and dinosaur and an elephant my favorite.

Mission 2: Tower of Trash

So the mission was about getting the trash into the ocean it's a burning pile of trash. Dash is dressed as a superhero to save the mother turtle and the babies birthing spots.

Mission 3: Rabbit Rescue

Mission 3 was about orbiting the bunny and saving the bunny from snakes. You have to orbit around the the bunny 3 times. Dash is dressed as a knight in shining armor

Mission 4: Polar Bear Problems

We dress Dash up as an Inuit. Inuit are people that live in the Arctic they are still alive today. Dash had to push the polar bear back to where it's supposed to be too with baby that's where it's supposed to be​

Mission 5: Trial By Fire

In this mission mission 5 Dash is dressed up as a fire fighter. Mission was to knock down the fireballs out of the trees of the bamboo forest around the baby panda. The apparatus has a hose just make it look like a firefighter hose.