About Us

​​camille's Story
I Camille live in Mableton, Georgia. My school is King Springs elementary. I am in first grade and I'm 6 years old. My favorite animal is an elephant. My favorite sweet treat is an Oreo. My favorite color is purple. I like Drew he is my teammate and I am his. I have a little brother and sister I like mint that's all about me.The end.

drew's Story
My name is Drew. My school is home school it is called anywhere Adventures. My favorite color is red my friend is named Camille. My sister is named Sadie. And I am in first grade. I know third grade math. My mama is my teacher in home school I like Pokemon and I like playing with Camille Shopkins. I live in Austell Georgia. I like fire type Pokemon that are legendary. I love Sadie to.
Introduction Video
A movie we made to tell about us
So what we did in this video was we talked and talked and talked about advice and some other things. So we also talked about what we experienced in life that was a challenge and what we learned from the competition. We also talked a little bit about ourselves and our school.
The End